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Claudio Delfino
August 28, 2023 | Claudio Delfino

Our wines are available online to Oregon and California (as well as Florida and Washington DC)

Discover Hidden Gems: Small Italian Wine Producers Imported to Oregon and California

Uncover the heart of Italy in every pour. Delve into a handpicked selection of wines from small, passionate Italian producers, now available in Oregon and California. Elevate your palate with unique flavors and stories—order your favorite small-batch Italian wines today!

🍷 Crafted with Care: Experience the artistry of small Italian wine producers who pour their hearts into every bottle. Taste the dedication that transforms grapes into liquid poetry.

🌿 Sip Stories of the Land: These wines embody the landscapes of Italy's charming vineyards. From rolling hills to coastal breezes, journey through Italy with every sip.

📦 Delivered to Your Door: Embrace the enchantment of Italy's boutique wineries without the travel. We deliver their best-kept secrets straight to your doorstep.

🥂 Raise a Glass to Authenticity: Celebrate the authenticity and heritage of Italian winemaking traditions. Experience the flavors that have been perfected through generations.

👩‍💻 Effortless Online Selection: Our website makes exploring and ordering small-batch Italian wines a breeze. Discover hidden treasures and support passionate producers with just a few clicks.

🍾 Exclusive Access: Join our community to unlock access to limited-edition releases and insider insights. Become part of a journey that celebrates the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the charm of small Italian wine producers, available right here in Oregon and California, brought to you by Delfino Fine Wines. Elevate your wine experience — click here to discover the hidden gems that Italy has to offer!


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