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Emilia Delfino
June 24, 2024 | Emilia Delfino

Celebrate Prosecco Week and Sparkling Wine Week with a 20% Discount!

As the weather finally warms up, there's no better way to chill out than with a refreshing glass of Prosecco, celebrating the effervescent joy of sparkling wines. This week, we are delighted to celebrate National Prosecco Week, and next week, we continue the festivities with Sparkling Wine Week. At Delfino Fine Wines, we are offering a special 20% discount on all our sparkling wines to mark these delightful occasions!

  • National Prosecco Week, June 24 - 30

Prosecco, Italy’s sparkling treasure, has captured the hearts of wine lovers around the world with its light, refreshing, and vibrant character. Originating from the picturesque vineyards of the Veneto region, Prosecco is renowned for its delicate bubbles, crisp acidity, and notes of green apple, pear, and floral undertones.

Did you know which grape is used to make Prosecco? Prosecco is primarily made from the Glera grape, which thrives in the rolling hills and moderate climate of northeastern Italy. Glera grapes are prized for their high acidity and ability to produce sparkling wines with bright, crisp flavors, creating a refreshing and lively drinking experience.

  • Sparkling Wine Week, July 1- 7

Following the celebration of Prosecco Week, Sparkling Wine Week invites you to explore the diversity of sparkling wines from around the globe. From the prestigious Champagne of France to the innovative sparkling wines of New World regions, Sparkling Wine Week showcases the craftsmanship and versatility of sparkling wine production.

Did you know that red grapes can also be used in the making of sparkling wines? In Champagne, the primary grapes used are Chardonnay (a white grape) and two red grapes: Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The skins of the red grapes are typically removed early in the process to avoid coloring the wine, resulting in a white sparkling wine with the depth and structure provided by the red grape varieties. This technique is used not only in Champagne but also in other sparkling wine regions around the world, creating a wide variety of flavors and styles to explore.

  • Raise a Glass with Our 20% Discount

To celebrate these two wonderful weeks, we're excited to offer a 20% discount on our sparkling wines. Whether you're a fan of Prosecco's crisp charm or prefer the complexity of other sparkling varieties, our wines promise something to suit every palate and occasion.

Stop by our tasting room to take advantage of this special offer or visit www.delfinofinewines.com and use the promo code BUBBLES. Let us help you find the perfect sparkling wine to toast to summer, celebrations, and the joy of sharing good times with loved ones.

Cheers to Prosecco Week and Sparkling Wine Week! May your days be filled with bubbles, laughter, and unforgettable moments.



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