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Claudio Delfino
October 15, 2023 | Claudio Delfino

The Craft of Decanting: Unlocking the Full Taste of Your Wines

Wine appreciation is a life pleasure that starts with careful selection and ends with tasting, but it is not all there. To truly savor the complexities and nuances of your wines, you must treat your bottles well and then unlock their full potential upon opening them. One classic way to do this is through decanting. In this blog post, we'll dive into the craft of decanting and explore how it can enhance your wine appreciation.

The Purpose of Decanting

Decanting is a centuries-old practice with a simple yet profound purpose: to separate wine from sediment and allow it to "breathe" (release any solution gases formed with time, and oxygenate). While this may sound straightforward, the impact on the wine can be truly transformative and elevating.

1. Sediment Removal:

For older wines or those that have been aging in the bottle for an extended period, sediment can naturally form. Decanting carefully separates the liquid from this sediment, ensuring a clean pour.

2. Aeration:

Young wines, on the other hand, often benefit from aeration. As wine comes into contact with oxygen, it begins to "open up" (oxidate) enhancing its bouquet and revealing a broader spectrum of flavors and aromas.

The Ritual of Decanting

Decanting is not merely a functional step; it a graceful ritual that adds an element of ceremony to your wine service.

1. Choosing the Right Decanter:

Select a decanter that allows for a broad surface area of wine-to-air exposure. This enables effective aeration and showcases the wine's evolution. You may chose an elegant and beautiful decanter, or you may use a simple carafe or similar container for an everyday situation. Glass is often the most available choice, a ceramic carafe would also work, and sometimes even a plastic pitcher, for informal uses where the function is more important than the presentation. 

2. Pouring with Precision:

Pour the wine slowly and steadily into the decanter, being mindful of the sediment at the bottle's base. Stop pouring just as the sediment reaches the neck of the bottle.

3. Patience:

Let the wine rest in the decanter for an appropriate duration. Younger wines may need 30 minutes to an hour, while mature vintages might benefit from several hours; however, very old wines may oxidate very, very quickly. Experiment and take note!

The Art of Serving

When it comes to serving decanted wine, care and precision are again key.

1. Temperature Matters: Ensure that the wine is served at the right temperature to fully appreciate its character. Whites and lighter reds may be at cellar temperature (50-60 °F) or slightly chilled, while fuller-bodied reds should be at "old-times room temperature" (60-72 °F - note that wine at a room temperature of higher 70's or 80's is not recommended).

2. Enjoy the Experience: If no deposits are present, and to further enhance aeration, you can gently swirl the wine in the decanter. In some cases, you may choose to return the wine back into the rinsed original bottle, allowing it to breathe further or temporarily re-closing the bottle, while preserving the original presentation of your wine. Savor the wine with all your senses. Inhale its evolving aromas, admire its color, and let the flavors dance on your palate. Each sip reveals a new facet of the wine's personality.

Conclusion: Decanting as an Act of Appreciation

The craft of decanting is a captivating part of the wine experience. It may enhance your appreciation of the wine's character and expression. At Delfino Fine Wines, we believe in mindfully savoring every drop, and decanting is one of the many ways to unlock the full potential of your carefully selected wines (bottles, or other container!) So, the next time you open a special wine, consider the art of decanting, and watch as it reveals its secrets in a glass.

Cheers to the beauty and tradition of wine, where every step, from selecting the bottle to decanting it, is a celebration of the senses and the joy of life.


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