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The DFW-DIRECT Wine Club

This online-only subscription delivers to your doorsteps 12 of our fine Oregon craft wine cans plus one glass bottle of our exclusive DFW imports, all for $99 every 3 months, shipping included ($24.75 per 750ml). Altogether, it is the equivalent of 4x 750 ml of wine every 3 months, at the equivalent weight and packaging volume of just two glass bottles (half the weight and volume), with all the other benefits of wine in our 6 oz. cans (smaller/individual servings, easyly portable, environmentally friendly, safer than glass). The glass bottle is a rotation among our portfolio of exclusive direct imports valued at $30-$40 retail just in itself.

Shipped and charged to your credit card at signup and then on or about: February 1st; May 1st; August 1st; November 1st; 

21+ signature required at delivery, available only where we're currently licensed for direct-shipping within the contiguous US: Oregon, California, Florida, Washington DC and Minnesota. 

A courtesy reminder of any recurring Credit Card charges is provided 14 days before the automated charge occurs, and any change request or cancellation notice will be honored up to 7 days before the above dates.


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