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The Delfino Fine Wines Clubs

Delfino Fine Wines offers three club membership options:

  • Check out DFW-360 if you are a local customer to the Albany / Willamette Valley area, either abitual or just visiting a few times a year, want to maximize your value per bottle, and also want to access tasting room discounts and exclusive events, with a single purchase of 16 pre-selected bottles for $360 (local pickup only)
  • Check out DFW-180 if you prefer smaller and recurring batches of 3 bottles every 3 months, with a handcured selection of our finest bottles to suit each season, for $180 prepay charged every six months to your credit card ($30/bottle) Comes with the same unmatched tasting room benefits as DFW-360 for a six-month period, and is also available with a direct shipping* fee (currently $25 per 3-bottle shipment) when desired. DFW will honor holding at the tasting room any 3 bottle shipment for up to three months and consolidate with the following period, when requested. This subscription option will suit best those customers who prefer smaller recurring batches and are ideally able to visit our Willamette Valley or Portland tasting rooms once in a while, to benefits even more from in-person discounts.
  • Check out DFW-DIRECT for our online-only club option with FREE SHIPPING directly to your home*! Every 3 months, DFW-DIRECT brings to you 12 of our 187ml (6.3 oz.) craft Oregon wine cans (that is, 3 four-packs of white, rose' and red wine cans) plus an extra bottle of our exclusive imports on a rotating basis. That is the equivalent of 4x750ml of wine for $99 every three months, i.e. $24.75 per 750ml shipped to your doorsteps!  
Club Tasting Room or Direct to Consumer? Wine quantity and recurrence Charge amount and recurrence Tasting Room Discounts and Events?  
DFW 360 Local tasting room only 16 bottles (24x750ml) once (16 bottles/year) Single charge of $360 at signup, local pickup Yes, valid for one year after signup


DFW 180 Either local pickup or direct ship*

3 bottles (4x750ml) every 3 months (12 btls/year)

Recurring $180 every 6 months ($30/bottle) plus $25 flat fee if shipped* Yes, valid for 6 months after each payment


DFW DIRECT Direct shipping*, online only 12 cans and 1 bottle  every 3 months (16x 750ml/year) Recurring $99 every 3 months ($24.75 per 750ml) No Tasting Room benefits but FREE SHIPPING! MORE


* Delfino Fine Wines ships directly to consumers only in Oregon, California, Washington DC, Florida and Minnesota. 

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