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Mezu Mezu Spumante Rosato Brut
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Mezu Mezu Spumante Rosato Brut

"Mezu Mezu," an enchanting rosé brut, masterfully harmonizes Liguria's coastal terroir with an equal blend of two distinguished grape varieties—Rossese and Sangiovese. Aptly named "Mezzo Mezzo" in Italian and "Half and half" in English, this sparkling wine is crafted using the Martinotti method, akin to the renowned Prosecco method, resulting in delightful and well-integrated bubbles.

Carefully blending Liguria's indigenous Rossese grape with the renowned Sangiovese grape, "Mezu Mezu" achieves a perfect equilibrium, transcending the ordinary and imparting a distinctive character influenced by the coastal terroir. The proximity to the Mediterraneum Ligurian Sea enhances the freshness and vibrancy of this sparkling gem.

A symphony of red fruit flavors, including cherry, strawberry, and the aromatic qualities of Rossese, dances on the palate. The Martinotti method preserves the integrity of the blend, offering a well-balanced experience with refreshing acidity and subtle minerality. The olfactory journey delights with a captivating bouquet where floral and fruity aromas intertwine, revealing the essence of red berries and the alluring fragrance of red blood oranges, adding a unique and citrusy layer to the sensory experience.

Crafted using the Martinotti method, "Mezu Mezu" showcases a delicate and persistent effervescence that elegantly enhances the wine's texture, offering a lively and celebratory effervescence that lingers on the palate. With its versatile flavor profile, this limited-quantity sparkling rosé brut is ideal for various occasions and cuisines, whether enjoyed as an aperitif or alongside Ligurian seafood specialties.

Produced by Riccardo Sancio and Cantina Sancio in Spotorno, Savona, Liguria, Italy, "Mezu Mezu" is an extension of the winemaking artistry behind the acclaimed "Lady Chatterly." This wine reflects Riccardo Sancio's commitment to excellence and the balanced fusion achieved through a meticulous blend of Liguria's indigenous Rossese grape and the renowned Sangiovese grape. The coastal terroir of Liguria imparts a distinctive character to "Mezu Mezu," marked by fine bubble integration that complements the Ligurian essence.

The olfactory journey unfolds with a captivating bouquet, revealing the essence of red berries and the alluring fragrance of red blood oranges, maintaining consistency with the brand's commitment to excellence. As with "Lady Chatterly," "Mezu Mezu" offers a delicate and persistent effervescence, making it an ideal companion for diverse occasions and cuisines. Experience the coastal beauty of Liguria in every sip of "Mezu Mezu," where tradition, terroir, and a unique blend of grape varieties converge to create a sparkling rosé brut that captivates the senses.

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