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Lumassina Brut
Lumassina Brut
Lumassina Brut
Lumassina Brut
Lumassina Brut
Lumassina Brut

Lumassina Brut "Lady Chatterley"

Produced by Cantina Sancio of Riccardo Sancio in Spotorno (SV - Italy), "Lady Chatterley" is a sparkling wine made exclusively from 100% Lumassina grapes harvested from the vineyard in Spotorno. This charming town is situated along the Ligurian coast, just east of Savona, Italy. The wine is meticulously crafted using the classic method (champenoise), with a minimum aging of 24 months sur lies and a brut dosage. Enclosed with wire caging over TCA-free Mystik corks, tailored for sparkling wines with low or no sulphites.

The label of "Lady Chatterley" pays homage to the artistic scenery of Spotorno and its fanciful name, inspired by the time author D.H. Lawrence spent a year in the town while penning 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'. With production in micro-batches, this wine is available in very limited quantities and is exclusively imported to Oregon by Delfino Fine Wines.

Liguria, the picturesque region in northwestern Italy, is celebrated for its breathtaking coastal landscapes, historic towns, and delectable cuisine. "Lady Chatterly," a classic method (champenoise) brut, captures the essence of Liguria—a sparkling, fragrant, and aromatic wine exuding lively freshness. Crafted from the indigenous Lumassina grape variety thriving in Liguria's unique microclimate, this effervescent delight presents a crisp and refreshing character. Notes of apple, pear, citrus, and a subtle minerality harmonize seamlessly, complementing the seafood-rich cuisine of the region. Whether savored with a view of the azure Ligurian Sea or paired with freshly caught seafood, "Lady Chatterly" Brut is a delightful choice for discerning wine enthusiasts, embodying Liguria's charm and distinctive taste.

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