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2016 Bricco del Cucù
2016 Bricco del Cucù
2016 Bricco del Cucù
2016 Bricco del Cucù
2016 Bricco del Cucù

2016 Bricco del Cucù "Diavolisanti" Langhe Rosso DOC

This exceptional wine, known as Diavolisanti, is not just a blend of Merlot and Dolcetto; it's a testament to the artistry of merging two seemingly opposing worlds. The Merlot undergoes a refined aging process in French barriques, imparting a subtle complexity, while the Dolcetto matures in large Piemontese wooden cask, embracing the traditional winemaking techniques of Piedmont. The careful orchestration of these varietals and distinct aging methods culminates in a wine that transcends the boundaries between innovation and tradition.

Diavolisanti is more than a name; it encapsulates an idea and a challenge. It symbolizes the harmonious union of Dolcetto and Merlot, the juxtaposition of barrique and Piedmontese winemaking traditions. It navigates the delicate balance between embracing modern techniques and honoring the rich heritage of winemaking in Piedmont. In this blend, the clash of opposites gives rise to a unique and harmonious expression, embodying the spirit of innovation while rooted in the terroir's deep traditions.

After three years of maturation in oak, Dolcetto and Merlot are blended in a proportion of 60% to 40% and then bottled. The wine will remain in the bottles for 6 months before it is released. The result is a wine that speaks not only of its individual components but also of the synergy achieved through patient aging, allowing it to reach its full potential.

The name "Diavolisanti" reflects the paradoxical nature of the wine, and its true essence lies in the delicate dance between modernity and tradition. The juxtaposition of Merlot and Dolcetto, barrique and large wooden barrels, is a metaphorical dialogue within the bottle, where each element contributes to a harmonious and intriguing whole.

Finally, the bottle is adorned with beautiful label representing frescoes from the Gothic chapel of San Fiorenzo in Bastia Mondovì (the town where the winery is) adds an artistic and historical dimension. It invites the drinker to appreciate not only the flavors within but also the cultural richness and heritage encapsulated in every sip. In the end, the answer to whether drinking wine is a rightful pleasure or a dangerous sin is found in the complexity and balance of Diavolisanti, where the interplay of flavors and the resonance of history create an experience that transcends simple categorizations.

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12 months in oak barrels, 3 months in bottle
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