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Grown and made by Cantina Sancio of Riccardo Sancio in Spotorno (SV - Italy), 'Lady Chatterley' is 100% Lumassina grapes from his vineyard in Spotorno, which is one of the several coastal Ligurian towns just south of Savona, Italy; the best grapes are selected for a classic method (champenoise) sparkling wine, 36 months sur lies, and brut dosage; as enclosure it uses wire caging over TCA-free Mystik corks ("technical characteristics [...] especially adapted to winemakers who propose sparkling wines for ageing [...] with low or no sulphites."). As for the artistic label scenery and the wine's fanciful name, author D.H. Lawrence spent one year of his life in Spotorno just before writing 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'. Made in micro-batches, very limited quantity available, an exclusive direct import in Oregon by Delfino Fine Wines.

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