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The DFW-180 Wine Club

DFW-180 gives you 3 bottles on a 3-month schedule for $180 pre-pay every 6 months. That is overall $30/bottle for 6 bottles in 6 months, with 6 months of our unmatched Tasting Room benefits:

  • Free tastings
  • 20% off all retail prices
  • Invitation to special events.

Discontinue or renew every 6 months after 2 successive rounds of club releases. Free hold and pickup at the Tasting Room (up to 6 bottles) or direct ship where available for a regular flat fee of $25 for 3 bottles.

Specifically, $180 is charged to you at signup, and the 3 current bottles will be immediately available for pickup (or shipped, at your choice), then 3 more bottles will be released at the next instance of the schedule below. The renewal, or discontinuation, will then occur before the third next instance in the cycle. The bottle release schedule is on or about: 

  • 3 Bottles on February 1st - Well, we suppose you could go dry in January, but we know for sure you can't have a proper Valentine dinner without a bottle of fine wine (bonus: save one or two for spring holidays!)
  • 3 Bottles on May 1st - Grill-grade fine wine for your cookout parties :)
  • 3 Bottles on August 1st - Smooth and refreshing, mouth-watering, seafood-friendly, old-world fine whites and/or rose' for your summer enjoyment!
  • 3 Bottles on November 1st - Holidays and family warmth, with special reserve fine wine.

Substitutions allowed only at the tasting room and for equal or less value. A courtesy reminder of any recurring Credit Card charges is provided 14 days before the dates above and any change requests or cancellation can be processed up to 7 days before the dates above.


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